Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Barry's 18th Birthday party, and a video from Sam's 23rd.

Kaylee, Grandpa, and Lamby snuggle before the party. So cute.

Happy Birthday to Barry! There were 4 soccer ball candles, but Janice melted one on accident by leaving them too close to the crock pot. At least 3 made it out o.k.

Magic Bullet from Mom & Dad. So he has something to cook with when he moves out.

Xpress cooker from Mom & Dad. Also for cooking when he moves out. Both very cool gadgets.

Most of Barry's friends that came.

Kaylee with "her" cell phone, her Mommy, and Great Grandpa Kreyling. Though you can only really see Kaylee and the phone.

Playing In A Pickle, a really fun game Barry got from Jon and Janice.

More In A Pickle fun. After they finished playing they all left to go see a movie. Hope Barry had fun, we sure did. :)

Happy happy Birthday Samie dear...

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine and Prom fun

Barry and his Jr. Prom date Joanie (prom queen).

The grandmas and the baby playing Starfall on the computer.
Kaylee even sang for her grandmas.

Cassie Joan blowing out he candles on her third birthday cake.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

When Yaya broke Kaylee.

So sad, but true. It happened on Sunday evening. Yaya didn't see the weights Grandpa left on the floor. And Kaylee dived right onto them. It's o.k. the kid is tough, and quick to forgive her grandparents. These picture were taken minutes after the tragic dive.